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Bankier Companies, Inc., incorporated February 1, 1979, was founded by Jack Bankier, a research polymer chemist and former partner in a precision molding company.

He observed, while there were many excellent molders, few wanted to provide services beyond molding, and even fewer wanted to shoulder the responsibility of advising customers about part design or their choice of materials. The coupling of precision injection molding with product development filled an apparent void which led to the company’s successful, steady growth.

Further, Bankier Companies’ drive to be a full-service plastics manufacturer has led to the vertical integration and growth of related (and now stand-alone) services: thermoforming, decorating, metal parts integration, electronics integration, full product assembly and testing, packaging, warehousing, and distribution.

Take advantage of our expertise in thermoplastics engineering, tool design, resin performance, and cost effective production techniques to develop and manufacture your product with uncompromised quality. Challenge us with your next project. We’ll deliver it – on time, on spec, and on budget.

Mission: Achieving Excellence.

The job of business is to provide solutions. To thrive in the midst of unyielding competition, the challenge becomes finding increasingly better solutions. So, unlike those who simply wait for your instructions, we ask questions, listen, and find the answers you need–answers to improve your product’s reliability, performance, cost-effectiveness, appeal, and value.As your manufacturing partner, we make your goals ours. To accomplish these goals, Bankier Companies embraces the Total Quality Management philosophy, a company-wide drive toward excellence which begins with our relentless commitment to product quality.

To assure the consistent quality of your product, we are ISO9001 certified and follow 6 Sigma protocols. We are also FDA registered and comply with QS9000 International Standards. More importantly, we encourage each employee to excel in quality. We’ve moved quality responsibilities from the QC department to the production employee. For us, the result has been a high-morale work force – dedicated, enthusiastic, and eager to please. For you, the result will be outstanding product value and unsurpassed satisfaction.

To give you the most product for the least cost, we employ people with the knowledge, the creativity, and the experience to value-engineer your project to meet your cost objectives.

To deliver your products on time, we offer an integrated group of comprehensive services, from planning to shipping.

Global Locations

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Costa Rica

- 30,000 square foot plant
- Precision Molds and ToolingMold repairs and - Mold modifications
- Mold Texturing and Diamond polishing
- Mold sampling and short production runs
- Plastic Fabrication
- Mold Flow and Mold Heat and Cool Analysis


North America

- 75,000 square foot plant
- Plastic Molding and decorating
- Contract packaging, contract assembly
- White room assembly and packaging
- CAD engineering and product development
- Rapid prototyping
- Warehousing and fulfillment
- End to End solutions
- Mold Flow and Mold Heat and Cool Analysis



- 80,000 square foot plant
- Injection Molding and decorating
- Precision molds and tooling
- Electro-plating on plastics
- Contract assembly
- Clean room assembly and packaging
- Sheet metal fabrication
- Engineering and product development
- Supply chain management
- End to End solutions
- Mold Flow and Mold Heat and Cool Analysis

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