RF & Heat Sealing, Steam Sealing


Seamless Sealing Solutions for Every Stage of Production

For over 30 years, Bankier Companies has been a leading provider of high-quality sealing solutions for diverse industries. We understand that beyond the core joining method, successful sealing projects rely on a comprehensive approach – one that considers every step from initial planning to final execution.

Bankier utilizes three primary sealing techniques: RF (Radio Frequency) sealing, heat sealing, and steam sealing. Each method offers distinct advantages, and our team of specialists will work closely with you to identify the optimal solution for your specific application.

RF Sealing (Radio Frequency Welding)

This innovative approach utilizes electromagnetic waves to generate heat within the material itself. Ideal for polar thermoplastics like PVC and polyurethane, RF sealing offers several benefits:

  • Precise control over heat generation: This allows for consistent, high-quality welds on even thin materials.
  • Fast and efficient heating: Production speeds are often faster compared to traditional heat sealing methods.
  • Strong, reliable bonds: RF sealing creates a molecular-level weld, resulting in superior seam strength.
  • Minimal heat impact on surrounding areas: This minimizes the risk of thermal damage to delicate components.

Heat Sealing

A tried-and-tested method, heat sealing employs external heat sources to melt and fuse materials. This versatile technique is well-suited for many materials, including non-polar thermoplastics and some plastics with films. Benefits include:

  • Cost-effective and reliable: Heat sealing equipment is typically less expensive than RF sealing equipment.
  • Adaptable to various materials: A wider range of materials can be heat-sealed compared to RF sealing.
  • Suitable for thick materials: Heat sealing can effectively join thicker materials where RF penetration might be limited.

Steam Sealing

This method utilizes pressurized steam to activate an adhesive layer within the material, creating a strong bond. Steam sealing is often used for applications requiring sterile seals or hermetic seals, such as in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Advantages include:

  • Clean and contamination-free: Steam sealing eliminates the risk of external contaminants introduced during the sealing process.
  • Strong, hermetic seals: Ideal for applications requiring a complete barrier against air, moisture, or other elements.
  • Suitable for sensitive materials: Steam sealing can be gentler on delicate materials compared to high-temperature heat sealing methods.

High-Quality Sealing Techniques for Every Industry

At Bankier Companies, we go beyond simply offering sealing services. We partner with you to ensure your project's success. Our approach includes:

  • Expert consultation: Our experienced team will analyze your application and recommend the most effective sealing method based on material properties, project requirements, and budget considerations.
  • Fixture design and fixture development: We design and fabricate custom fixtures or tooling to ensure consistent and precise seal placement and pressure application.
  • Process optimization: We leverage our extensive experience to optimize sealing parameters, such as temperature, pressure, and cycle time, to achieve the highest quality and production efficiency.
  • Quality control and inspection: We implement rigorous quality control measures throughout the sealing process to ensure your product meets all specifications.
  • Inventory management: We can manage your sealing materials, reducing your workload and ensuring flawless project execution.

Let Us Partner With You

Contact Bankier Companies today to schedule a consultation and explore how our expertise can help you achieve optimal results. With our comprehensive sealing solutions and commitment to quality, we will help you take your project to the next level. Whether you need contract packaging, injection molding, or product assembly, we have you covered.

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