Plastic Fabrication


Precision Meets Performance: Quality Plastic Fabrication

At Bankier Companies, we're renowned for exceeding expectations when it comes to complex, high-quality plastic fabrication.  We offer a comprehensive suite of services, ensuring seamless project execution from concept to completion.

Unparalleled Expertise in CNC Machining

Our team leads the industry in intricate CNC machining.  This allows us to transform solid plastic blocks into precise components with exceptional dimensional accuracy and surface finishes.  This technique is ideal for applications demanding tight tolerances and intricate details, such as medical device components, plastic parts for electronics, and high-performance plastic industrial components.

Comprehensive Sheet Fabrication Services

Beyond CNC machining, we offer a full spectrum of sheet fabrication capabilities:

  • Cutting: Utilizing state-of-the-art laser cutting, waterjet cutting, and die-cutting technologies, we achieve precise cuts on various plastic sheet materials.
  • Drilling and Grinding: Our team expertly drills precise holes and smooths surfaces for seamless integration into your final plastic product.
  • Bending and Forming: We utilize heat-forming techniques to create complex shapes and contours from plastic sheets, ideal for enclosures, housings, aesthetic components, and other highly detailed plastic parts.
  • Gluing and Edge Polishing: We ensure robust and aesthetically pleasing assemblies through expert adhesive bonding and edge polishing services.

Deep Understanding of Material Performance

Our expertise extends beyond plastic fabrication techniques.  We possess a profound understanding of how various plastics react during and after diverse fabrication processes.  This knowledge allows us to:

  • Select the optimal plastic material: We carefully consider factors like strength, flexibility, chemical resistance, and heat tolerance to ensure the chosen material aligns perfectly with your application's demands.
    Anticipate potential issues: By understanding how specific plastics react to cutting, forming, or bending, we proactively identify potential problems that could affect quality or delivery timelines.
  • Optimize the plastic fabrication process: We tailor the fabrication technique to the specific material characteristics, maximizing efficiency and ensuring the final plastic component meets your exact specifications.

Vertical Integration Services for Seamless Delivery

We take pride in our vertically integrated approach, encompassing all stages of your project:

  • Product Design and Prototyping: Our team collaborates with you to translate your vision into a functional design. We leverage 3D printing and advanced prototyping techniques to refine your concept before full-scale production commences.
  • Supply Chain Management: We manage the entire material procurement process, ensuring timely access to the highest quality plastics at competitive prices.
  • Quality Control: Stringent quality control measures are implemented throughout production, guaranteeing consistent results and adherence to your specifications.
  • On-Time Delivery: We understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Our efficient supply chain and streamlined processes ensure you receive your custom plastic components on time and within budget.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Whether you require intricate medical device components, durable automotive parts, or aesthetically pleasing consumer product enclosures, our team has the expertise and capabilities to deliver exceptional results.

Partner with the Experts

At Bankier Companies, we're more than just fabricators – we're your trusted partner in bringing your vision for plastic components to life. Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how our comprehensive services, from intricate CNC machining to expert sheet fabrication, can elevate your next project.

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